Sale induction dices

The induction dice can be used for playing dice gambling cheat, and thus helping you get the fixed point in magic dice games.
On the outside, there is nothing special about our induction dice, while on the inside, we have installed a microchip into the dice. But the induction dice weigh nearly as much as the unprocessed dice. Not only can people not tell the weight differences between the former and the latter with their hands, they even cannot find the microchip even if they smash the dice into pieces.
The microchip can send signals to a vibrator, so that you can know the dice point. Before playing the dice games, you need to put the vibrator in your pocket for receiving the signals.
Besides professional induction dice, we also have wireless remote control dice, mercury dice and dice with cup scanner and other types dices cheating devices.


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  • Content: Pls price invisible ink & pen&rull of dilivery
  • Reply: I have sent you the details about invisible ink pen by email.
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  • Content: Whats the price for the X-ray contact lens?
  • Reply: Hi, thank you for your inquiry about the X-ray contact lenses, I replied you by email, please check it and contact with us soon.

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