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Cheap price Iphone 8 plus poker winner system to win Texas Holdem gameIphone 8 plus poker analyzer device for card game cheating

Iphone 8 Plus Texas Holdem Analyzer Scanning System

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No matter what kind of poker analyzer you have, there is no doubt that it should work with any of the barcode marked cards camera. Otherwise, the poker analyzer system can't achieve its value.

IPhone 8 plus Texas Hold'em analyzer scanning system is a cost-effective and quality analyzer scanning system. It’s suitable for various poker games. It can scan the invisible barcode marked cards and it also can be connected to a external poker cheating camera in games.

Relevant features of Iphone 8 plus Texas Holdem analyzer

It can scan one, even two deck of marked decks simultaneously. The scanning distance is 20-40cm with high accuracy. The battery is available for 2-3 hours, and it is chargeable and changeable. Nine headphones can be connected at the same time and work together without influence. Different languages are selective. The winner results will be shown in 0.1 seconds by the mini earpiece. All the functions of ordinary mobile phones are compatible.

What are the differences between poker analyzer and poker scanner?

Before telling the differences, you should know what they are first. A poker analyzer device can recognize the barcode markings independently or receive the data delivered from an external poker scanner. Then it will calculate the best and second-hand or other results you may need as your requests. A poker scanner is regarded as a scanning camera that can read the luminous barcode markings on the card deck remotly. It’s an external scanning camera for the poker analyzer. Therefore, the poker analyzer has the functions of a scanner, which has a scanning system and a scanning camera installed inside.

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