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Air conditioning with poker cheating scanner lens for poker gameCheating in cards game with air conditioning spy camera lens

Air Conditioning Scanning lens for Poker Cheating Device

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Air conditioning scanning lens is a spy lens hidden inside the airconditioning that used for poker cheating device. It’s a poker cheating camera. With this long distance scanning camera, you can read the marked cards within 5 meters.

How comes the air conditioning scanning lens is popular?

Poker scanning camera is an important part of a poker cheating device, it’s not a simple spy lens. There are 3 main reasons as following that the airconditioning scanning camera is popular:

Firstly, the MINI CAMERA, a tiny lens that can read invisible ink marking on the poker cards remotely. This kind of wireless cheating camera technology in poker is becoming more and more mature that it can see the barcdoe marking quickly and precisely. And that ensures the poker analyzer will get the outcome fast at the same time. Air conditioning camera lens is widely used in the casino rooms by the poker player and the magicians.

Secondly, the good confidentiality. Air conditioning is a usual and common living appliance, you will not surprised to see it in the room and no one will suspicious there is a spy camera lens inside it.

Compared with other poker cheating scanners, the air conditioning camera is more competitive.

Thirdly, adjustable camera angle. With the adjustable camera angle, you can see several poker tables. Its scanning distance is from 1 meter to 3.5 meters, move your table anywhere as long as it’s within the scanning distance.

If you want to know more details about the air conditioning camera lens for poker cheating device, like the questions about how many devices can it be connected with? How long be it use for one time? Please feel free to contact us.

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