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Bee No.77 Paper Marked Cards with High Quality

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One of the most crucial characteristics a high quality marked card need to be possessed is "hide well", perhaps more than other character like "lasting". Bee No.77 paper marked cards is that kind of high quality marked cards.

Why the invisible markings on Bee No.77 poker cards can be hided so well?

Take contact lenses marked cards as example. One of the reason why the marks on Bee card can be hided so well is that its card back pattern is regular, simple and not fancy; and the other reason is that it's in light color. The color of the Bee cards are red and blue, both of these two colors are light color. So the marks can be distinguished well on the back pattern.

If the back pattern is fancy and colorful, it's not suitable to made as contact lenses marked card, just like the Copag Neo Series. But we can make them as barcode marked deck, other types of cheating poker cards, used for poker analyzer device.

Let’s get back to Bee No.77 marked cards. High quality products are come from sophisticated machine and professional technicians. We imported the original Bee cards from Amazon in the United State. After the cards are being marked, our technician will repack the cards with professional machine. The cards are sealed and plastic wrap intact, just the same as the normal cards. No worry it will cause other's suspicious, you can open the cards in front of everyone.

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