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Bee No.92 USA Marked Cards Deck with Luminous Ink

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After using Bee No.92 US playing cards marked with luminous ink, you no need to search questions, like “Omaha Poker Strategy” or “How to Win at Texas Hold'em Poker” anymore. As long as you wear the marked cards contact lenses, you can take control of the whole card game. You will know when to fold your hand or call a big bluff.

Would it change any part of the playing cards after marking with luminous ink?

To make the answer first, the luminous ink will not change any part of the playing cards after marking on the card surface. No matter in the part of the color, the surface of the cards and the feel, these are all the same as the ordinary poker cards. Only when you put on the UV contact lenses or the special sunglasses, can you see the secret--you can read the value and suit of each cards from the cards’ back.

In what case that people can see the flaws of the luminous ink cards? Normally, technician will adjust the proportion the luminous ink according to the material and color of the cards. If the proportion is not correct, there are flaws of the cards. You can see the markings with naked eyes.

Model No.92 Bee playing cards are paper cards and it extremely suitable to marked with luminous ink. If you keep it well, the markings can be lasting for about 1 and half year. Bee marked cards allow players to have more fun while playing cards without fear of being overwhelmed, presenting a stable win situation.

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