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Cards cheat baralho Copag 139 marking with luminous inkCopag 139 IR marked cards for poker analyzer system to cheat in poker game

Copag 139 Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards

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Copag 139 baralho Jumbo Index Playing Cards are supplied in single deck sets in your choice of blue back or red. They are the best selling deck in Brazil. If they marked with invisible ink, they always would be short in stock.

How to read the invisible markings on the Copag 139 playing cards

From its out look, Copag 139 invisible ink marked playing cards look the same as the normal one, you will not see any flaw or differences with naked eyes. If you want to read the invisible ink markings of the cards, you have to use some tools to help you, such as luminous contact lenses, sunglasses, or poker scanning camera.

Different types of marked cards need to use different marked cards reader. If you want to know the value of each cards, as well as the cards suits, the back-side marked cards are the best choice. You can read the value directly with luminous contact lenses and IR sunglasses. If you often play Texas Holdem game or 4 cards Omaha, the barcode marked cards is better. Because when it works with poker analyzer device, you are able to get the winner of the cards game in advance before each Betting Rounds. What an amazing thing that you can win the game every time. By the way, the invisible markings of barcode marked cards are printed on the four sides of the poker deck, you can see the markings with the scanning camera, but you are not able to indicate the value and suits of each card.

Both these two different types of marking can be printed on the Copag 139 playing cards. So, if you want to check the invisible markings of Copag 139 poker deck, both the luminous contact lenses and poker scanning camera are works for you.

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