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Copag 1546 marked deck of cards for caino cheat with IR contact lensesCopag 1546 marked cads for poker winner system

Copag 1546 Marked Playing Cards with Invisible Ink

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If you often cards game, it's better for you to know the Copag 1546 marked playing cards and invisible ink contact lenses. They are popular poker cheating device in casino game, especial in Texas Holdem and Omaha game.

Copag 1546 playing cards are made of durable, 100 percent PVC plastic; last up to 50 times longer than paper cards. As a deck of pure PVC plastic playing cards, it will not warp or stick together as many other cards will. They have many model in choices: Norrow size small index; Norrow size jumbo index; Wide size small index; Wide size jumbo index.

Which type of marked cards are Copag 1546 poker suitable to be marked?

Because of the regular back pattern and the pure plastic material, Copag cards are suitable to marked as any type of invisible ink marked cards. According to different usage scenario and game requirements, you can marked the Copag 1546 poker cards as contact lenses marked deck. This set of device is easy to use and can be take with to any places. Or marked as barcode marked cards, best choice for playing Texas Holdem game, because working with poker analyzer device, the users will know the best hand in advance; Or marked as IR marked cards. This type of marked playing cards need to work with infrared camera. The camera is able to keep watch over the whole poker table from a far distance, suitable to use in a poker room.

Copag 1546 playing cards can be marked as 3 types of invisible ink cheating cards. You can choose the suitable poker cheating device according to your need.

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