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Invisible ink marking poker of Copag 4 color plastic cards with marked cards contact lensesCopag 4 color plastic marked deck using with poker winner system

Copag 4 Color Playing Cards with Invisible Ink Marks

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Copag 4 color deck are has been growing in popularity for years in Europe and is gaining a strong fan base in the United States as well. If they cover with invisible ink marks, people will even keen on it.

If Copag 4 color playing cards covered with invisible ink marking, you will able to read the value and cards suits from the back of the cards. That’s is to say, you can see through the poker cards without no one knows. I think this is the reason why more and more people love this kind of magic cards.

How the Copag four color deck be marked with invisible ink?

The invisible markings that can be marked on the back of the playing cards depends on a printed machine. As long as you set up the markings model, it’s easy to operate that marked cards printer. But if you want perfect markings( strong enough to read in a long distance but naked eyes are not able to see them, at the same time the color of the playing cards will not get darker), the key point is the proportion of the invisible ink. It’s very strict on the requirement of invisible ink. Different color and different patterns of the playing cards need different proportion of the invisible ink.

In a short words, if you want to make invisible marks on the playing cards, you need to have a marked cards printer, then, you know the models of the markings and last, you know how to mix the proportion of the invisible ink according to different brand of cards. If you meets these 3 needs, you can make a perfect marked cards Copag 4 color deck.

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