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Cheating marked cards Copag 4 seasons plastic cards with luminous contact lensesCopag 4 seasons playing cards with invisible ink markings to indicate suits and value

Copag 4 Seasons Poker Cheating Marked Cards

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Copag four seasons series playing cards can be printed as 3 types of cheating marked cards, contact lenses marked cards and poker analyzer marked cards are the most popular.

Copag four seasons playing cards are a series of poker deck, including spring edition, summer edition, fall edition and winter edition. All of them are double deck with 100% plastic. Each of the series feature one red backed deck and one blue, supplied in a unique and exclusive metal storage box.

How does invisible ink look like after wearing contact lenses?

One of the cheating cards is contact lenses marked cards that the invisible markings are printed on the back of the cards, you can read the cards’ suits and value remotely with the special luminous contact lenses. There are different models of markings you can choose, for example, one big number and 2 small symbol, 2 numbers in the middle of the cards, or 4 small numbers on the 4 corners of the cards. We try our best to meet the need of the customers.

Except for different model of markings, the color of the markings are different too. Normally, we printed dark markings on red cards and luminous markings on blue cards. As for other color, like green, purple color, technician will adjust the suitable mixed invisible ink for them.

IR sunglasses are able to read the hidden markings as well. They are fashionable Ray-Ban glasses style in blue, purple, gray color. One of advantage of marked cards sunglasses are that users can wear it at any places and any time.

The other one cheating poker cards is barcode marked cards that the invisible markings are printed on the four edges of the poker deck. You are not able to read the cards’ suits and value by any tools directly, because it’s hidden markings are barcode type, there’s no number or symbol to indicate the value.

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