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Invisible ink playing cards Copag Class series poker with UV contact lensesCopag Class plastic poker cards with cheating markings on the cards back

Copag Class Series Playing Cards Marked Deck

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Copag class series playing cards are popular in the United State and South America. If they marked with invisible ink markings, their value will increase absolutely, for people can use them to cheat in poker game.

How to make invisible ink markings on Copag Class Series Playing Cards?

To make the poker cards as marked deck, invisible ink is necessary. Then, there are 2 ways to mark the Copag Class Series cards. One is to make the invisible ink markings by hand. You can design any marks you need on the back of the cards, like number, circle, and spots, etc.

The other way is to mark the cards by a special printer. Normally, only the marked deck manufacturer has the ability to afford a marked cards printer. The markings made by the printer are neat, cleat and invisible with naked eyes. The devices to check the marked cards are UV contact lenses and sunglasses.

Compare with the invisible ink markings that make by hand, the advantage of machine printed markings can be lasting for a longer time, and it's more stable that will not reveal under the light.

Copag Class Series marked deck are made of almost indestructible PVC plastic and can be used for many years. It can be completely cleaned by quickly wiping with a damp cloth, and the card will not get dirty over time. If you are interested in them, please contact Emily by WhatsApp: 0086 135 0929 1657.

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