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Jumbo face Copag plastic marked playing cards with luminous contact lensesCopag marked cards of jumbo face poker with invisible ink markings

Copag Jumbo Face Poker Cards with Invisible Marks

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Copag jumbo face playing cards is a plastic poker with poker size and 2 pips jumbo index. It is easy to recognize the number and suits from far side of the table. Players cannot come back to other decks after this, especially when it marked with invisible marks.

How to see the invisible marks on the Copag Jumbo Face poker cards?

If you want to see the invisible ink marks on Copag jumbo face cards, you need to know which types of marked cards it is at first. If they are UV ink marked cards, you can read the hidden marks with contact lenses or sunglasses; If they are IR marked playing cards, long-range IR camera is best suitable tool to read the invisible markings; if the Copag cards are barcode marked deck, you will need a analyzer system smart phone to help you. The markings of these types of marked poker cards are all invisible that the naked eyes are not able to see any sign. Different types of marked poker cards are suitable for different users, for example, just for player, or for both player and dealer. Tell your needs and the sales will give you the suitable recommendation.

Copag Jumbo Face playing cards with invisible marks are super popular in casino game, especially in Texas Holdem and Omaha game. If you are interested in them, please contact us, we can show you the picture and video of them. If you want to check the quality of them, we can make a video call.

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