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Copag Neo marked cards with barcode markings for poker analyzer deviceCopag Neo IR marked cards with invisible marking for poker cheating device

Copag Neo Plastic Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer

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Copag Neo series cards have a really fancy back patterns. Maybe that's why so many people in the south American like them so much. And it's excited that all of them can be marked with invisible ink barcode markings. We call these type of poker as poker analyzer marked cards.

How many deck of marked cards does the poker analyzer scanner at one time?

The normal poker analyzer can be scan 2 deck of Copag Neo plastic marked cards at one time. If you want to scan more than 2 pack of cards, we are able to customize the analyzer for you. As long as to increase the scan width of the lens, it can read more than 2 pack of marked cards at the same time.

Once the scanning camera of the analyzer device can read the barcode markings remotely, the system will analyze the barcode and tell you the outcome of the Texas Holdem game, or the Omaha cards game.

The Copag Neo series represents the latest design trends with fresh and interesting packaging. These 100% plastic playing cards are made with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology, just like the playing cards used in TV poker tournaments. After proper care and use, these plastic playing cards will last longer than their paper playing cards.

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