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Copag Peek Index Marked Deck of Playing Cards

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These Copag Peek Indeck cards are fantastic for using. The 100% plastic material has established its waterproof and wear-resistant characteristics. Someone commented that his first deck Copag cards lasted two years of regular use at the poker games. Survived many spilled drinks and much abuse. Even got used in the pool a few times!

If these great cards marked with invisible ink, the markings will also lasting for a longer time than other cards.

How to see the invisible ink markings on Copag Neo cards?

There are several types of markings and they work with different reading tools:

1. If you want to see UV marked cards that the markings are printed on the cards back, you can use special contact lenses. After you wear the lenses, you can see the value and suits of each cards directly.

2. If you want to see the barcode markings, you will need a set of poker cheating device. The markings are barcode model and they printed on the 4 edges of the poker deck. You are not able to see the value directy with the poker cheating device, but you can know the outcome of Omha game, as well as the Texas Holdem game.

3. If you want to see the IR markings cards, a special camera is needed. We also call the IR marked cards as one to one marked cards, because the UV contact lenses can not read it's markings, except for the poker camera.

If you are interested in the Copag Peek index marked playing cards, please contact our sales Emily by WhatsApp: 0086 135 0929 1657. She will answer any of your questions about marked cards.

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