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Dal Negro Masenghini invisible ink playing cards for poker cheating cameraDal Negro Masenghini-cheating marked cards with spy lens

Dal Negro Masenghini Poker Cheating Marked Cards

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If you attempt to make secret notes on the backside of the playing cards, use the professional invisible ink. We call it a marked card after being marked with ink. Dal Negro Masenghini poker cards are suitable to be made as marked cards.

What is the mark on the Dal Negro Masenghini poker cheating marked cards?

The mark means a note written on the back side of the cards and the ink which was used to write is a particular invisible ink. Only use this unusual invisible ink can the mark unseen by other people except the owner of the Dal Negro Masenghini poker cheating marked cards. Also, the owner of the marked cards cannot see any mark on the cards unless the owner wears the particular contact lenses.

The marks can be made in several place on the cards back—the middle of the cards or four corners of the cards. And of course, the marks in the four corners will be smaller than the one in the middle. Dal Negro Masenghini poker cheating marked cards are ideal for blackjack, poker, and Caribbean Stud as well as bridge, pinochle, and any array of other games.

Nowadays, with the fast development of technology, the skill that tinting marks on the cards has also improved which makes the marks can be read close up or across the table by using the luminous marking method or juice marking method. So no worried about the safety of using marked cards, for its production technology is already mature.

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