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Use Dal Negro Texas Holdem marked cards to win cards gameMarked poker cards Dal Negro Texas Holdem with

Dal Negro Texas Poker Gambling Cheating Cards

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Gambling cheating poker cards are one of the marked cards that there are invisible markings printed on the cards back. Its markings are only visible to the one who wearing the special contact lenses. Our technology to make marked cards is matured, don’t worried about it causes suspicious of others.

What about the Dal Negro Texas Poker cards?

The cards come in 4 colours, red, black, orange and blue. The back of the cards have three circles that cross each other in the middle, the first and third circles are surrounded with a cute little monkey. The outermost circle on the back of the card is a pattern that resembles a bunch of bananas.

What about Dal Negro Texas Poker marked cards?

In order to give our customers more options of the marked cards, we imported Dal Negro Texas Poker cards from Dal Negro Company in Italy to make the marked cards. Black or white ink is available to be chosen to mark the cards, and black ink is the more popular choice. You may feel confused here: wouldn't it be obvious to use black and white ink for marking? Then the markings have meaning? Do not worry, here the black and white ink is a special production of infrared ink. They are not visible under normal light, and only with infrared contact lenses or sunglasses can you see these inks.

Our company has been developed for many years and has studied marker cards deeply, so the quality of our products can be guaranteed, you can buy our products with confidence!

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