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Fournier 2800 Plastic Marked Cards for IR Contact Lenses

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After years of exploration, our marking skills have received great returns--we are able to make markings on the cards that they look completely the same as the original poker cards. For example, the best selling cards, the Fournier 2800 plastic cards are in casino quality and has an extravagant appearance than its price. So many of our orders are Fournier 2800 marked cards.

How good the quality of the Fournier 2800 marked cards is?

The markings that printed on the Fournier 2800 marked cards will last for about 3 years in the case of sealed, while it will last for 1 to 2 years after the cards are opened. If you want to use the marked cards for a longer time, remember to keep them in a dark dry place.

What about the marks on the Fournier 2800 marked cards?

As introduced before, our marked cards seem no difference with normal cards. We use our unique ink to mark on the back of the cards. Black marks or white marks are available in making marks in big numbers and small suit on the middle of cards or small number and suit on the four corners of cards.

Please contact us for more detailed information. With more than 10 years production experience in marking cards, our technology is matured and stable. No worry about the safety of using marked cards.

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