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IR sunglasses marked cards of Fournier 2818 cheating cardsFournier 2818 jumbo index marked cards with invisible markings

Fournier 2818 Spanish Gambling Marked Playing Cards

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Fournier 2818 is a professional deck of poker cards with Jumbo Index, made from 100% plastic. After it printed with invisible juice, it can be used as marked cards for gambling cheating.

Fournier 2818 juice marked cards are popular in Europe. When they play any gambling cards game, like Texas Holdem and Omaha, they will put in the special UV contact lenses secretly and start the “making money” journey. With the help of these two cheating products, users are able to control the whole course of cards game, for they can read the value and cards’ suits of every pieces of playing cards remotely.

What will you see from Fournier 2818 juice marked cards?

After users wearing the special contact lenses, they can see the invisible markings-number & symbol on the back of the cards. Normally, numbers stand for the value, and symbol stands for cards’ suits. For example, symbol spot represents “Space”, and symbol horizontal line represents “Heart”. It's able to customize the marking types, such as the size of the markings and the place of markings. We can do anything to meet your requirement.

Some people are worried about others will suspicious with the cheating cards, please be assured that no one will find your secret, unless he has the UV contact lenses as you do. The invisible juice markings absolutely will not reveal without the help of cheating contact lenses.

Of course, there are matters needing attention of the juice marked cards when they are used in the gambling cheating. Please contact us if you will have any questions.

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