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Fournier 818 Juice Marked Cards for Gambling Cheating

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Fournier 818 marked cards for infrared devices is a special type of marked cards that no other devices can detect them, including the invisible ink contact lenses and the poker scanning camera. You will have more winning chances than others by using marked cards.

Why only the infrared camera is able to read the Fournier 818 marked cards?

There are different types of marked cards so far in the market, they marked with different types of invisible ink, so they need to use different devices. If the Fournier 818 marked deck only can be detected by the infrared camera, it means that it was marked with one to one invisible ink which we also called it IR ink. This kind of marked deck ink is mixed in a different proportion. By the way, the infrared camera device can read the UV marked cards as well as the IR marked cards.

Fournier 818 cards are 100% PVC plastic, and highly resistant to bending and tearing and can even be washed to keep their pristine condition. If you need the wide size, 2 pip jumbo index plastic cards, Fournier 818 is a good choice. They can be processed into IR marked cards and help you win in the cards game.

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