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Fournier No.1 marked playing cards for poker analyzer systemFournier No.1 marked deck of spy cards with top quality hidden markings

Fournier No.1 Poker Cheating Marked Cards Deck

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The reason why we decided to import Fournier No.1 poker cards from Spain and process them with luminous marks on the back of decks is that its original cards is perfect printing and slide, maximum resistance and durability. With Fournier No.1 marked cards deck, you can know all the value and suits of cards without any effort. Next, I will introduce more details about Fournier No.1 poker cheating marked cards deck.

Fournier has been strict with selecting raw materials and quality control. Therefore, Fournier No.1 poker cards are made with 100% plastic with poker size peek index. There are 40 cards and 50 cards for your selection. Red and blue are available. Many Spanish card games like Mus, Briscas and Tute are playable. The most significant difference between Fournier No.1 marked cards and others are its particular patterns. For instance, a deck of 40 cards concludes 10 numbers with 4 suits: clubs, coins, cups, and swords.

How can we see those luminous marks?

Nothing can be seen through naked eyes, which protects you from other people's detection. However, our specialized infrared glasses or contact lenses can make us see marks. By the way, according to different wavelengths of invisible and visible light, our advanced technical team invented infrared glasses or contact lenses, which enable you to see invisible marks on the back of poker cards. In addition, these particular devices are the same as the ordinary ones in appearance, which will not cause others' attention.

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