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To cheat at cards game with Fournier No.12 invisible ink marked cardsSpanish poker cards of Fournier No.12 cheating playing cards with IR contact lenses

Fournier No.12 Barcode Marked Cards for Cheating Device System

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Why the Fournier No.12 barcode marked cards will be the favourite cards?

Fournier No.12 cards is one of the best-selling cards of Fournier cards. Many poker players want to have Fournier No.12 marked cards for they like the beautiful picture of the cards and the convenience of the marked cards. To meet this demand, we imported the Fournier No.12 cards from the Fournier Company to make Fournier No.12 barcode marked cards.

Fournier is a brand that widely acknowledged by its owners. Every series of it is designed by the talented craftsmen and artists. Especially the Fournier No.12 cards, it is designed with elaborate patterns, and each card is with different pattern symbolizing a special meaning

What about the marks on the Fournier No.12 barcode marked cards?

Instead of marking signs on the back of the cards, Fournier No.12 poker deck is marked on the four sides of the cards, which make the sign more difficult to be found by others. These marks can perfectly work with our cheating device system. We use an ink that is particular invented for writing infrared words to mark on the four sides of cards. As its function, this ink only can be seen under the infrared light. The marks are not normal words, and they are a species of barcode, so that only the cheating analyzer can read them and come out a result.

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