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Fournier prestige Bicycle cards to cheat with poker scanning systemFournier prestige Bicycle back-side marked cards with contact lenses

Fournier Prestige Bicycle Marked Cards with Infrared Sunglasses

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What is the Fournier Prestige Bicycle marked cards?

The invisible ink markings of our Fournier Prestige Bicycle marked deck are printed by professional marked cards machine. Under normal circumstances, no one knows the function of them, as they are not visible for naked eyes. To make the marks work, they have to be used with our special marked card readers, such as infrared sunglasses.

What are the marks?

There are 4 unique marking code to represent the 4 suits of the cards deck: clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. In order to reduce the things that are needed to be memorized, the index marking code for each card is its original number or letter which is easy to understand and don’t need to memory.

How to make marks?

Our products are processed with the cards that are importing from its original company, and since each different type of playing cards has different quality and raw materials for production, technician will adjust the proportion of the invisible ink to make the markings perfect; and the size of the markings also need to be adjusted according to the size of the cards deck. Sample cards will be made at first, after everything is perfect, the normal cards will be put on the marked cards printer in order and start to print the markings.

Introduction of the Fournier Prestige Bicycle cards

Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A. is a playing card manufacturing company founded in 1870. Each of Fournier's products is the result of the combined efforts of skilled craftsmen and artists. The excellent quality of the playing cards produced by this company has won several awards at world fairs and has thus become the global standard for playing cards. Inheriting the excellent quality of Fournier cards, Fournier Prestige Bicycle cards, the base of our Fournier Prestige Bicycle marked cards, are popular among poker players because of their high durability and beautiful design.

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