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How to know the dice pip with induction diceTo cheat in dice game with induction dice

Induction Dice With Vibrator

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With the development of the science, more and more cheating products have been made, for example, the induction dice with vibrator for the dice gamble game, and the marked cards and contact lenses for Texas holdem and Omaha cards game. If you often play dice game, you need to know about the induction dice and its vibrator. It will help you win the dice game.

How does the induction dice work?

Six numbers in one dice have 6 ways to tell you which pips you rolled. For example, a short vibration represents pip 1, a long vibration represents pip 2, and one short & one long vibrations stand for pip 3, etc.

Let’s think about it, if we need to connect with the dice and the vibrator, the signal transmitter inside the dice and the signal receiver inside the vibrator, should they be in the same signal frequency? The answer is yes. So, if you want to connect with more than one dice in a time, be sure they are in the same frequency.

Do we need a partner when using induction dice?

It depends. Normally, it don't need a partner when using the cheating dice. You can hide the vibrator anywhere you can feel the vibration. Or if you don't want to take the vibrator, you can give it to your partner and let him tell you the dice pip. So, it's depend if you need a partner when you use this cheating induction dice.

Induction dice with vibrator is popular device for dice cheating. You can contact Emily by WhatsApp: 0086 135 0929 1657 to know more information.

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