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To see through Bicycle jumbo poker cards with IR camera lensUse IR poker camera to see through Bicycle jumbo index cards

Bicycle Jumbo Marked Cards for IR Camera Device

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Bicycle jumbo playing cards are famous for its smooth, custom-coated finish that allows for easier shuffling, dealing and holding. Therefore as the cheating marked cards, Bicycle Jumbo cards are also popular among player. Especial in the Unite State, lots of people buy Bicycle Jumbo marked cards.

Which places are suitable to use Bicycle Jombo marked cards wiht IR camera?

IR camera is a spy camera that in a mini size, so needs a place to install it. If you have poker room, it will be very convenient to install the IR camera, for example, you can install the lens into a lamp, an air-conditioning, a CCTV. Television is also a good cover for the IR camera. As long as connect the camera with a monitor, you can see the whole situation of the poker table. You will see the value and suit of each cards from its back.

Who is the suitable one to use marked cards and IR camera device?

If you have a partner, if you have the access to the room where you guys usually play poker, you are suitable to use these poker cheating products. You can find a perfect angle for the camera and take over control of the whole table. Your partner can tell you all the information with a spy earplug.

As for the Bicycle jumbo marked cards, there are many model of markings you can choose to make on its back. Normally, we make big number on the middle part, and numbers on the four corner of the cards’ back. Of cause, there is customized markings. Just s end us your request and we will try our best to meet your need.

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