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Quality KEM Paisley Marked Cards with Contact Lenses

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What are the marks on the high quality KEM Paisley plastic marked cards?

The marks on the KEM Paisley plastic cards are made by a special invisible ink, and only people who wearing professional contact lenses can read the marks because the marked cards have the common appearance with the original cards. And instead of using faked Kem Paisley plastic cards to make marked cards, our company buy the original cards from the Kem playing cards company in order to guarantee the cards’ quality.

Why the high quality KEM Paisley plastic marked cards are the best choice?

First, the KEM Paisley plastic cards, different from other plastic cards, are made of 100% cellulose acetate plastic, which make it keep a longer time than others. And this has been proved by the customers that bought their cards decades ago and they still use them nowadays. Second, the special ink that we use to make marks on the Kem plastic cards has been testified that it can keep for at least two years! Third, the every Kem Paisley plastic cards have two decks providing red and blue colour’s poker size and bridge size in regular index, jumbo index, or European index for customers to pack. The difference between these three indices is that the regular index is the normal size font while jumbo index is the larger to real font, and these two indices are 2 pips (A, 1, 2, 3……) on the cards and the European index is 4 pips on the cards.

Though our high quality Kem Paisley plastic marked cards are more expensive than others’ marked cards, but our products have a high cost-effective price for they can be used for a long time life. We sincerely looking for your chase and we believe we are worthy of your trust!

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