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Lighter scanning camera to see invisible markings on poker cardsLighter with hidden poker lens works with poker winner system

Lighter Marked Cards Lens for Poker Analyzer System

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Are you still searching for a smaller camera for your analyzer? Are you a person who has the habit to carry a box of cigarettes or a lighter when hanging out? Then our Lighter Marked Cards Lens may be the perfect camera for you.

Why say our Lighter Marked Cards Lens is the better one for you?

First of all, just like its name, our lens is a real lighter at the looks of it and it also actually can be used to light a cigarette, therefore, it can camouflage itself without others attention. Second, our lens is allocated a high-definition camera in the interior of the lighter for clearer images which you can see in the analyzer. Last but not the least, our lens has high speed equipment which can help it scan more quickly and transmit the marks to the analyzer fast.

How to use the Lighter Marked Cards Lens?

The Lighter Marked Cards Lens for poker analyzer system can scan the barcode marked cards and send the information of the cards to your analyzer. Thus, to use this Lighter Marked Cards Lens, you are demanded to have a deck of barcode marked cards and an analyzer, if you don’t have, you can visit our net to have one. When you are playing poker cards games or gambling, you just need to put our camera on the desk, and find a right direction to let the lens can scan the pokers. If you are worried about being discovered, you can light a cigarette with it before the games start. And normally, the scanning distance of the lens is 8-15cm and 20-40cm. In theory, you should as close as you can to the cards in order to make sure the lens can scan all of the cards.

Please ensure which distance you want before your order, and if you don’t know how to select, you can tell our staff your demands and then we will tell the best option to you.

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