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Loaded dice with high accuracy for cheating dice gameUse loaded function cheating dice to win in the dice game

Loaded Dice, Fixed Dice to Get Pip You Want

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Loaded dice, is also called fixed dice. A loaded dice is heavier on one side so when it lands, the heavier side faces down and the opposite side faces up, helping the cheating player win more rounds. It has a long history in cheating dice, but never outdated.

How to make a loaded dice?

Many kind of dice, including the transparent dice can be processed into loaded dice. A precisely shaped lead weight is hidden 1mm below the surface of this trick dice. Normally, up to 3 faces can be processed, we fill the dice with sand, mercury or iron powder.

Face loading: The square flat lead insert is located directly below the surface of one face-the numbers on the opposite face are advantageous.

Edge force: The wedge-shaped lead insert is located directly below the surface of one edge-the two numbers adjacent to the edge opposite the diagonal are supported.

Corner load: Pyramid-shaped lead inserts are located directly below the surface of one corner:-Three numbers adjacent to the diagonally opposite corner are advantageous.

Externally, all fixed dice are the same as ordinary dice. They are cast from polyester resin using a unique molding system. The shell is continuous and there are no seams or connection marks to raise suspicion.

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