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Use special sunglasses to see through playing cards secretlyPoker cheating sunglasses for different type of cards game

Ultimate Marked deck Sunglasses for Poker Cheat

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From the out-look, infrared sunglasses look exactly the same as the ordinary sunglasses, but there's a big difference between them! Infrared sunglasses, like ordinary sunglasses, can protect a person's eyes from ultraviolet rays; in addition, it can help you to see through the playing cards. You can see the value and suits of each cards after you wearing it.

Why not make sunglasses that can absorb all kind of light wave?

Of course because our infrared sunglasses are great companion for infrared marked cards! Infrared marked decks are marked on the back of the cards with a special infrared potion, thus allowing the user to read the marks by wearing special tools. The infrared sunglasses are one of the special tools, and the infrared sunglasses allow the user to see the expressions of the people playing the game and to see the cards in their hands by leaving only infrared light and a small amount of other light. And this allows the user to control the full field of information in the poker game and make decisions in their own favour.

What is the difference between infrared sunglasses and infrared contact lenses?

Another tool specifically designed to read infrared marker cards is the infrared contact lens. There is no difference between the sunglasses and contact lenses in terms of function. However, because infrared contact lenses are meant to be worn in the eyes, no matter how good the quality of the contact lenses are, it is inevitable that your eyes will get tired after wearing them for a long time. Sunglasses on the other hand are different, wearing them, you will never feel tired.

Of course, since the usual scenario for sunglasses is in a room with strong light or outdoors, and if you use sunglasses in a dimly lit room, it might be suspicious, so to avoid unnecessary interference, we suggest you consider whether to use sunglasses or contact lenses according to the scenario.

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