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With mercury dice you can roll every dice number you wantTo win the dice game with cheating mercury dice

Mercury Dice to Get Dice Pip You Want

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What if you could throw the dice with such skill that you could affect the outcome of the roll? You can have this skill with the help of the mercury dice-get any dice pip you want. If you are intrigued by the possibility that someone could affect a roll’s outcome, let's get to know about the mercury dice.

What’s the difference between MERCURY dice and LOADED dice?

Yes, loaded dice and mercury dice are similar, both of them can be affected the dice pip, but up to 3 faces of the loaded dice can be affected, while the mercury dice is up to 6 faces. Mercury is the secret to make the dice rolled every pip you want.

We will dig 6 "road" inside the dice. The internal shape of these dice resembles a dumbbell. These dumbbells can be aligned in various ways. For example, one end of the dumbbell may be on one corner of the mold and the other side in the middle. In addition, the chamber is filled with mercury, which is liquid silver metal, it can go to any side of the chamber. When the player taps the dice before throwing the dice, the mercury will move from one side of the dumbbell to the other side of the corner.

As for the loaded dice, we fill it with sand, iron powder, etc. These fillings are not easy to move, so the accuracy of loaded dice is higher than the mercury dice.

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