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Italian Cards Modiano Bike Trophy Poker with Infrared Contact Lenses

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What about the details of the Modiano Bike Trophy marked poker cards?

The Modiano Bike Trophy marked poker cards are 100% plastic. The cards are in standard size or bridge size. There’re 52 cards and 2 jokers in one deck of cards and two colours red and blue available for election.

A particular invisible ink has been applied to mark the cards. Why said it is particular and invisible? Because this kind of ink can’t be see under the normal light wave, which make it special and unseen. In general, the Modiano Bike Trophy marked poker cards exactly using this kind of special invisible ink to print marking.

Normally, there are 3 model of the invisible markings. First, mark big pip (J, 5, 6……) and big suit (diamonds, spades, hearts, clubs) in the middle of the cards. Second, note normal pip and normal suit in the middle. Third, label small pip and small suit in the four corners of the card back.

How can see the marks on the Modiano Bike Trophy marked poker cards?

The marks only can be read under the infrared wave, therefore, if you want to see the marks, you are demanded to wear a pair of infrared contact lenses. The infrared contact lenses are the biggest and most common partner with the infrared marked cards. With them, you can see the marks clearly without the demand of little distance between the cards and you. What? Whether or not that you will be discovered when you are wearing the contact lenses? No! No! No! Our infrared contact lenses, which can the most adjust everyone’s eyeball, have different colours produced for different countries’ people.

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