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Modiano cristallo marked poker cards with invisible ink contact lensesInvisible ink marking Modiano cristallo poker for cheating in home game

Modiano Cristallo Marked Cards for Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

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In Texas Hold'em poker games, every player will get two cards. Then the dealer will deal five community cards on the table. Whoever can make the best combination of three community cards and his cards is the winner. Well, all players are eager to know the values and numbers of decks in advance to know their win odds. So here are Modiano Cristallo marked cards for you, which can make what you think comes true.

Our advanced technical team imported the original cards and processed them with invisible ink on the back of decks. People without special poker devices can see nothing from it. So next, let me introduce more details about our wonderful marked poker decks for you.

They are in poker size with a 4-pip jumbo index. Eight colours are optional for sale, including red, dark red, light blue, dark blue, orange, purple, light green and dark green. Instead of using paper as raw material, Modiano Cristallo marked decks are made with 100% PVC plastic. Therefore, they are washable, durable and anti-curling.

How to see the markings?

Due to its unique technology, the markings are shown only with a pair of infrared poker sunglasses or contact lenses. By filtering out parts of light, it makes invisible markings visible. Perhaps you will be curious whether contact lenses with purple filter points will change your eyes' colour or not. Well, you can wear it in confidence that the answer is no. Nothing will happen only to deepen the colour of your eyes.

How to store these special Modiano Cristallo marked cards?

It is suggested to put it in a dry and dark place rather than under sunshine directly. If you keep it correctly, these marked cards can be available for more than one year.

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