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Modiano Texas Holdem with Hidden Markings for Cards Cheat

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As the Modiano Texas Holdem Plastic Cards have a firmer and heavier card than others, some professionals or people who like the feeling that brought by the thicker cards prefer to use the Modiano Texas Holdem Plastic Cards. In order to let users have a better game experience, we provide these Modiano plastic cards with hidden markings.

Where the hidden marks are make on the Modiano Texas Holdem cards?

So far in the market, there are 3 types of hidden marks you can choose to make on the Modiano Texas Holdem plastic cards. Two of which are marked on the back of the cards deck, and the third type is made on the four edges of the cards deck.

1. UV marked cards, the invisible ink marks are made on the cards’ back. We use special contact lenses to read the marks.

2. IR marked cards, the invisible ink marks are also made on the cards’ back. But we need to use IR camera to read the invisible markings. Contact lenses are not able to read the IR marked cards.

3. Barcode marked cards, named by its markings shape. This types of marked deck need to use with a set of poker cheating devices - the poker analyzer system and scanning camera. It’s biggest advantage is that uses can know the cards game result in advance. No matter the best hand, the best second hand, or even report each card to the user.

If you want to know more about the Modiano Texas Holdem poker cards, welcome to our browse our website. And you can contact us whenever you have questions or problems with the cards! Thank you for your reading.

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