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Marked Cards Piatnik Economy Cards with Barcode Marks

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When speaking about Playing Cards in Austria or anywhere else in the world, PIATNIK inevitably comes to mind. The Piatnik factory was established in 1824 and is a recognized symbol of Vienna. Both the production methods and the assortment have changed significantly In the 185-year history of the company.

What is Piatnick Economy cards with Barcode marked cards?

Obviously, its function is as its name said—there are barcode markings on the cards without being found by others. The invisible barcode markings not only represant the point of each card, but also the cards’ suits. Only the poker analyzer can work with barcode marked cards. Because the barcode markings are printed on a whole deck of cards, if there missing one piece of the card, it will affect the outcome of the card game, such as the best hand.

What advantages that our Piatnik barcode marked cards have?

Firstly, by scanning and analyzing the invisible barcode marks, you can know the cards game result in advance in 0.1 second. Secondly, the barcode marks can’t be checked by the UV contact lenses. Because we use the most advanced technology and the special modulated ink to mark the cards, only the poker analyzer cheating device can read the barcode markings. Thirdly, our marked cards are processed with the original cards that we imported from Germany. This means we unite modern technology with high-grade raw materials.

If you want to know more details of the cheating cards lenses, please feel free to contact us. We also offering different types of poker cheating products, such as UV contact lenses, T-shirt scanning camera, remote control dice, etc.

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