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Poker cheating contact lenses to see through playing cardsTo cheat in cards game with poker contact lenses

Cheating Cards Lenses in Gambling Poker Game

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Cheating contact lenses are types of cheating devices that can help you inhance the winning odds in gambling poker game. Once you put on them, the secret of the invisible ink marked cards will show up to you. You can see what are the cards your opponents have, you will know what's the rank they are. And with cheating cards lenses and marked cards, you will also know when to fold and when to follow.

Why others can't find out users wear the poker cheating contact lenses?

In a certain aspect, cheating cards lenses look like colored contact lenses that the middle part of the cheating lenses is purple color, but it will not change the color of user’s eyes, because it only covers the part of the pupil ( the small black opening in the center ). It will not cause any suspicious and that’s advantage.

What you see after wearing the poker cheating contact lenses?

After you wearing the poker cheating contact lenses, you can see through the playing cards without anybody knows. You can see the value and sutis of each card. No matter in Texas Holdem game, Omaha game or blackjack, you could take all things under your control. Wearing the cheating cards lenses is just like wearing a pair of purple sunglasses. You will find that the color of the things around you is deeper.

If you want to know more details of the cheating cards lenses, please feel free to contact us. We also offering different types of poker cheating products, such as car key camera, Iphone analyzer devices, loaded dice and invisible ink dominos, etc.

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