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Remote control dice for cheating dice gameRemote control dice can help you know the dice pip in advance

Remote Control Dice to Cheat in Dice Game

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Remote control dice is really really popular among the dice cheating device. Because you could use remote control dice to change the dice number easily. When playing the game, just use the remote control to get the required score, it can help you control the dice to reach the maximum or minimum dice rules. It’s a special device that can make it a lot easier for you to win when you play dice game.

How many dice can be connected with a remote control?

One remote control can be connected with as many dice as you want, for example, can be connected with 3 dices, 5 dices at one time. Positive and negative principle is the working rules of this cheating device. One dice can be controlled 2 opposite faces, such as 1 & 6, 2 & 5, and 3 & 4. If the positive stand for face 1, 2, 3, then the negative is standing for face 6, 5, and 4. In a short words, only 2 numbers of one dice can be processed.

What is more, every set of this cheating dice device has a special frequency code. If there are other players use the same types of dice, they are not able to affect of your play with their remote control.

All of the regular dice can be processed as remote control dice set. No matter the animal dice, or the transparent Las Vegas dice. If you are interested in it, please contact our sales Emily by WhatsApp: 0086 135 0929 1657 to know more details.

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