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Marked cards KEM with invisible markings on the backSee through KEM Arrow marked deck with luminous contact lenses

KEM Arrow Cards with Invisible Marks on the Back for Cheating

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What are the Kem Arrow Cards with invisible markings on the back for cards cheating?

Kem Arrow Cards with invisible markings on the back is a type of cheating cards that there is markings on their backside by printing with invisible ink. This kind of ink can bottle up itself in the backside of the cards. Only when people wear the infrared contact lenses or infrared sunglasses can see the marks. If you don’t have these specialized tools, you can visit our net to buy one. There are several choice to mark the cards—a big number and a suit of the cards in the middle of the cards’ backside; a big number in the middle place and small suits in two or four corners of the cards’ backside; and small numbers and suits in two or four corners of the cards’ backside. After this tinting process, we will repackage these two decks into the box without any damages before we send it to you.

If there is any questions about the KEM Arrow marked cards, please contact us. Our products are waiting for your chase and to bring you into a winner in every cards game.

Why we take KEM Arrow Cards as the foundation of invisible marking cards for cheating?

Kem Arrow Cards are preferred by many playing cards enthusiasts for its economy, durability and the trait of high cost-effective. The Kem Arrow Cards provides poker size and bridge size in regular index or jumbo index for option. And every box of Kem Arrow Cards include two deck of cards in different colours, such as blue and gold, red and green, black and red, red and blue, black and gold, or green and brown. All these colour groups meet every customer’s preference. And those are the reasons why we use Kem Arrow Cards.

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