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Cheating in Omaha 4 cards game with US Bee marked poker cardsMarked deck US Bee cards with invisible barcode marking for poker analyzer system

US Bee Cheating Marked Cards for Poker Contact Lenses

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If you are in the United States and you are an experienced poker player, you may know the BEE invisible ink marked cards and poker contact lenses. As one of the best-selling brands of marked cards, we sell Bee cards to over 30 states.

Use the Bee marked cards for poker game & magic

US Bee marked cards are types of advanced cheating devices for poker games and magic. Because the cards were printed with invisible ink markings, so you could see the value and suits of each card with a pair of special contact lenses. It makes you have a great advantage in the Texas Holdem and the Omaha game. If you are a magician, the Bee marked cards are also a good prop.

As the tool to read marked cards, the special contact lenses are easy to use and no one will find out you wearing them. You can calculate your odds accurately and secretely. These marked cards contact lenses are top quality, offering you a perfect visual effect and a comfortable wearing experience.

Three model of markings for US Bee marked cards

1. Big size markings on the middle of the cards’ back. Normally, number represents the value of the card and the symbol represents the cards suits. Big size markings ensure player can see them clearly within 3 meters.

2. Small size of markings on the 4 corners on the cards’ back. This model of marking is favored because users can see the markings even the cards are hold in the hand.

3. Mini size in the white part of the cards' back. It’s hard to see the markings but some clients need it.

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